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Junction between La Grave and Les 2 Alpes...

Implementation Agreements :

The following reciprocal agreements will be valid only after the physical opening of the binding domains via the Girose glacier.

La Grave -> Les 2-Alpes Way

It's free for skiing in Les 2-Alpes with a ski pass from La Grave.
(not valid for a single-way, return ticket, season skipass, and half price student)

As 2-alpes ski resort have hands-free access, you need to have a free skipass at the central ski-pass delivery.

For season skipass, you need to buy a day skipass at 2-alpes,
at a special price of 20 €, showing your season skipass .

Do not take skilift if you had not a valid skipass from the 2-alpes resort (free delivery at the central ski-pass delivery).

Les 2-Alpes -> La Grave Way

With a valid ski pass 2-Alpes , you can use the La Grave cable-car if you buy an extra-charge (depending of your skipass categorie) everydays , but never the saturdays of March.

Please ask at the 2-alpes cash-desk.


St-Christophe and the Vallons de la Selle

With a valid ski-pass of La Grave, you can take a single-way to the top for coming back to La Grave from Venosc. (It's not valid with a single-way from La Grave)


Going to 2-alpes from La Grave need walking (beetwen 15 and 30 minutes) at an altitud of 3500m. You must know that the link beetwen the two resort is very dependant of the weather conditions. In case of strong winds, no visibility on the glacier(...), the link could be brake at any time, and you could be on the other valley. Coming back by the road (caoch or taxis...) will never charged on the resorts...
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